Need customized technology for your project?

The Stimulating Solutions team is a diverse group of technology professionals and enthusiasts, and we're willing to take on any challenge, from on-site tech installations, to custom cloud-scalable software systems, and anything in between.

We specialize in solving complex, unique problems with custom integrations of software, hardware, and design. We are proven problem-solvers with diverse technical skills and interests that enable us to deliver elegant, pragmatic, and complete solutions.

Beyond our technical expertise, we're also skilled at project management and communication. Whether you have a rigorous requirements specification, or just a vision you want to see fulfilled, we'll work closely with you throughout the development process to make sure we deliver a result that meets your needs and your vision.

Are there stumbling blocks making your organization less efficient and less productive?

Sometimes companies and organizations know what they need, and how technology can help. But often, there are hidden, seemingly small annoyances that interfere with employees' ability to be productive and efficient. Employees may not want to complain about "the little things" (especially the ones they assume can't be changed), and so those in position to make changes never hear about them.

These little annoyances can add up. Employees want to be productive, and enough little hurdles and barriers to productivity lead to increased employee frustration and turnover, in addition to the more obvious wasted time and resources. Eliminating these annoyances benefits both the organization and the employees.

This is where our Efficiency Survey comes in. We work with you to give your employees access to a proprietary, anonymous survey we've developed and will customize for your organization, inviting your employees to think about and communicate these annoyances, big and small. We analyze the results, and provide you with both a high-level summary and (if you want it) the raw survey data.

Beyond illuminating these hidden inefficiencies, we can work with you to brainstorm what to do about them. In particular, we'll propose some ways we think we can help you improve employee productivity through technology, either custom or off-the-shelf as appropriate. If you don't take us up on that, no problem -- we're glad to have helped.

Interested in hear more about our proprietary Efficiency Survey? Contact us!

The Team

We're all creative problem solvers who can take on a variety of challenges.

Whether from experience, training, or interest, we each have our areas of specialty.



Systems Integration
Project Coordination



Mobile Apps
Reverse Engineering



Data Visualization
Geo-spatial Tech
3D Printing



User Experience
Video / 3D Production
Practical Special Effects



Analog Interactivity
Virtual Reality






Machine Learning
Lights and Sound
Data Visualization



Graphic Design



Mapping Tech
API integration
Modular Code



3D Modelling
Immersive Environments
Game Design


Joe Ibershoff

Systems Integration  ▪  Optimization  ▪  Project Coordination

  • Systems Integration
  • Optimization
  • Project Coordination

I like to take on big-scope challenges, the sort where it's not fully clear what form the solution should take; the more brainstorming required, the more proud I am of the result. I usually design and implement software systems, but hardware excites me more. In my spare time, I've found myself dabbling in robotics, semi-automated beer brewing, and medical assistive devices.

I'm comfortable discussing problems and solutions with stakeholders of all kinds. Even while digging in and working on a challenging component, I make a point of keeping one eye on the bigger picture in order to ensure my team and I are making the biggest impact we can.


Jesse Stewart

Mobile Apps  ▪  Reverse Engineering  ▪  Gamification

  • Mobile Apps
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Gamification

A lifelong student and technology enthusiast, I enjoy putting my very best into the work I do for myself and for my team. I thrive when challenged with new technologies and love an opportunity to brainstorm and think out of the box for both process and product.

I have over a decade of experience designing and building software of all types, including web and mobile applications. As a full stack developer I've built systems for cancer research, large scale data analytics, and behavioral e-commerce. I strive to help my team build and future-proof maintainable systems.


Jason Hettmansperger

Data Visualization  ▪  Geo-spatial Tech  ▪  3D Printing

  • Data Visualization
  • Geo-spatial Tech
  • 3D Printing

Few things make me happier than seeing data visualized, and double points if its on a map! My passion is building interactive applications that convey a data driven message. No data is too big or too small to see itself telling a story!

You will always seem to find me engrossed in projects to scratch my tinker's itch, from building 3D printers, 2D plotters to endless Raspberry Pi concoctions. In either medium, making something interesting, fun and relatable to be shared with others is always the goal.


Dan Sexton

User Experience  ▪  Video / 3D Production  ▪  Practical Special Effects

  • User Experience
  • Video / 3D Production
  • Practical Special Effects

I grew up a child of DOS 1.0 and 80's bulletin board systems and I have been enthralled with technology from then on. At 16, I moved to Toronto to study special effects make-up, then went on to produce television shows and extreme sports movies. After graduating college, I moved to New York City and developed 3D visual merchandising software for J Crew, Disney, Liz Claiborne, and Victoria's Secret.

Working with architects and fashion designers in NY helped shape my eye for design.And being able to take on very challenging development tasks has given me the sense that anything can be built, especially with the right team.


Dusty Doom

Pyrotechnics  ▪  Analog Interactivity  ▪  Virtual Reality

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Analog Interactivity
  • Virtual Reality

A successful career with the US Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician taught me to professionally break all manner of things for the safety of others. This led me to deep understanding of the weakness of materials, and how to make them better. There are safe solutions to hazardous problems, and I’ve made it my life’s work to find them.


Corey O'Brien

Automation  ▪  Reliability  ▪  Cloud

  • Automation
  • Reliability
  • Cloud

I'm passionate about analyzing and deconstructing complex problems in order to anticipate obstacles early. I get excited about robust, reliable automation. Seeing patterns and connecting the dots between concepts and hard data makes me smile. I work hard to build bespoke solutions from standardized components.


Justin Taylor

Machine Learning  ▪  Lights and Sound  ▪  Data Visualization

  • Machine Learning
  • Lights and Sound
  • Data Visualization

Whether it's a fascination with music, health, games, cooking, history, software, or any other of my many interests, I get hooked and stubborn while yearning to hone my skills. There's a sense of urgency that I experience when something comes to me worth solving or reflecting upon, and in computer science, there's certainly no shortage of brilliant solutions and interesting problems worth thinking about.

Pursuing a career in software development is one of the best decisions I've made for myself. It compliments my enjoyment of getting lost in my work while being an avenue through which I feel I can impart some sort of positive change in this technological world of ours.


Rose Kohrman

Graphic Design  ▪  Illustration  ▪  Prototyping

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Prototyping

I combined my two passions of problem solving and art into one - graphic design. My continual aim is to create clean, concise designs that express a novel in the time of an elevator pitch. Throwing ideas at the wall, seeing what sticks, and scraping away the excess has always produced the highest quality product.


Nick McCready

Mapping Tech  ▪  API integration  ▪  Modular Code

  • Mapping Tech
  • API integration
  • Modular Code

I'm a computer nerd at heart, with 14+ years of software engineering, testing, and design. My main passion in life is clean reusable code, constant learning, and creating amazing things from nothing.

I am extremely active in the open source community. I'm sure to dig into many repositories to aid in bug fixes, advice, and/or management of open source projects. Github, Bitbucket and the like are the future. OSS 4 life.


Wes Stewart

3D Modelling  ▪  Immersive Environments  ▪  Game Design

  • 3D Modelling
  • Immersive Environments
  • Game Design

I love building just about anything, especially with like-minded teammates and when elements of technology and design are interwoven. I strive to visualize projects holistically throughout, and share that vision with the team.

Seeing the result of both halves of a project create a functional and elegant product is what motivates me. From concept brainstorming to finishing polish, I take great care in staying grounded in reality while dreaming big.

Stimulating Solutions

Providing unique solutions to unusual problems.


Stimulating Solutions was born out of the desire to create an all-star team covering a wide variety of technical skillsets and interests, capable of tackling the most challenging projects. As individuals, we each have proven track records as exceptional problem solvers; many of our team members have collaborated over the course of 10 to 15 years before coming together at Stimulating Solutions.

Our Values

Our values define what is important to us. They guide us when there are no rules, and we strive to embody them in all we do.

  • Collaboration - remember that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
  • Transparency - share information, acknowledge failures, and work openly.
  • Passion - love what you do, have fun doing it, and obsess over it.
  • Quality - when you do something, do it right.

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